Ten things your broker can’t tell you about the house
you are buying
  1. Where the lot lines are. (You need a surveyor)
  2. Where the termites are. (you need a home inspection)
  3. How old the heating system is. (you need a home inspection)
  4. If there are no liens on the property. (you need a lawyer).
  5. If the smoke detectors work. (you need the fire department).
  6. If the electric service is adequate. (you need a home inspection).
  7. If the property contains lead paint. (you need a licensed lead paint inspector).
  8. Whether or not the stove works. That’s right, brokers don’t test the stove.
  9. If the foundation is structurally sound. (you really need a home inspection).
  10. If the basement floods in the rain. (really now, don’t you need a home inspection?)

For 6 out of 10 often overlooked house defects, you need a home inspection. In fact, we inspect over 40 components in the average home.

We don’t mean to pick on real estate agents and brokers, it’s just that they are not allowed to make “representations” about the condition of the properties they sell, it’s a simple fact of life. Good brokers recommend good home inspectors to protect their investment-in you!