We’ve partnered with the recognized leader in electronic radon testing. Radalink services our clients with state-of-the-art continuous radon monitoring machines. Order your radon test and we will place and retrieve your monitor, and fax or email the test results to you about 50 hours after placement. No other inspection firm gives you the kind of convenience, speed and technical expertise that our licensed and certified radon inspectors can. With other firms, you’ll be relying on your broker to pick up some “test canisters” and mail them to a lab. Then you get results in about 10 days and for all the trouble, you’ll never know if the test was “tampered with”.

By now you know that Radon gas is the number two cause of lung cancer in the country. The EPA recommends that everyone test for radon in their homes and you have the right to perform a radon test on the property you’re buying (check your “offer-to-purchase”). So take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Remember, once you close the deal on your house, nobody else will pay for your radon mitigation needs.

Lead Paint

Allow me to introduce our lead paint testing specialist, Gary Kellner. His company, Harvard Environmental Services has performed thousands of lead paint inspections for our friends and customers. Yes, he’s licensed and he has the state-of-the-art fluorescence testing to perform your lead paint test. When you make your home inspection appointment with us, ask for lead paint testing and it will be done during your home inspection, saving you time and headaches. You have the right to test for lead before you buy your house, state law guarantees it! You know the hazards of lead paint, especially to children aged six and under. Lead paint ingestion poses a risk of brain injury to young children: that’s why the Environmental Protection Agency recommends lead paint testing of homes. And that’s why the Commonwealth of Massaachusetts gives homebuyers the legal right to a lead paint assessment. Click here to view EPA's "Testing Your Home for Lead" document in pdf format.


You know you can employ the services of a Pest Control Operator to perform your pest inspection. Typical costs run $100-$150. But did you know that the exact same inspection done by us for you, is included in the cost of your home inspection? The difference is that we don't sell you chemical treatments or preventative programs or annual contracts. We just perform inspections! Of course if we find termites or carpenter ants or carpenter bees, we can refer you to our network of licensed exterminators for proper and safe eradication. And you will be pleased to know that typically, the home seller will be happy to cover the costs of treatment.